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Hard to find a Classic Bar in Tokyo?
We sell the worlds finest alcohol.

Come visit us in Arakicho!

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7years has past,since I opened C-Shell.
I have never thought I will be able to come this far.
thanks again for all off your support, and will be happy to see you again soon.
C-Shell will be always will be helpful for foreign customers.

Thank you for loving us for 6 years.
We will never stop moving forward.
Thank you for your support.
We are now on a progress with rebuilding outside of the bar.
So please be careful when you step inside.
There might be a brick stone around.
Wishing it will finish at the first week of Feb.

The newest Japanese Whisky.
"The Nikka 12 Years"
Now in Japan,Whisky is begining to be a hot culture. It is because of a Drama called "Massan".

"Massan" is a nickname for the legendary Japanese whisky maker called Taketsuru Masataka.
Mostly the drama is about his wife Lita. But we can see why Massan went to Campbeltown,and what he learned from Scotland.
C-Shell is on the Magazine TimeOut Tokyo.
From the article you can know about not only C-Shell, couple of good places in Arakicho!
Grab one, before it is gone!


Search around Arakicho.
You will find a peacefull time.
1F Wind Arakicho,
9Arakicho,Shinjyuku(Yotsuya Sanchome Staition)
Cover Charge 500yen

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